Thursday, February 21, 2008

Castro's Tears

So Castro, with a fine disregard for round numbers, has stepped down.

There's no time like now to tell you about this wonderful film called Castro's Tears: in which Theo, a lefty oddball who collects the bodily fluids of his political heroes, goes to Cuba in search of something of Castro's that he can collect. Not buttons or flakes of dandruff, you understand, but fluids.

In his attempts to get to at least one meeting that Castro will be attending, Theo and his film crew land up at ICAIC (for permissions); consult a local santera to find out if they will succeed; and finally lay their hands on a drop or two of Castro's tears.

All faux but great fun. It's an old film, but don't let that stop you from watching it if you can.


Cheshire Cat said...

He should have just sent Gabrielle Anwar

(clearly I'm out to embarrass myself)

Falstaff said...

If we are on films about getting to Castro, can I put in a plug for the documentary 638 ways to kill Castro which rambles all over the place (spending a lot of time on the hollowness of the US commitment to fighting terror in the context of Cuba), but is hugely entertaining, particularly because it's all true.

Space Bar said...

cheshire cate: no, no, please do continue embarassing yourself like this. I had no idea there were so many weird films about the poor man.

falstaff: see above. this is another one i knew nothing about. castro's tears, though, is a faux documentary. it's actually very interesting, because one of the points is rasies is castro's inaccessibility. how they get hold of castro's tears is quite hilarious.

Space Bar said...

and while we're talking about films on castro, here's another. Sounds like Castro's Tears, only without the bodily fluids peg.

km said...

I am waiting for Shah Rukh Khan to make a biopic on Fidel's brother. He will once again play Raul.

//it's a gift, what can I say.

dipali said...

Thou art tagged.

Space Bar said...

km: no no no. you now have to come up with a name for the film!

dipali: noooooooo! too long. too much effort.