Thursday, February 14, 2008

Strange Numbers

Five million hits in one year.

Doesn't it shock an' awe you, stagger and send you into a trance which is compounded of both disbelief and longing?

In fact how many hits did you have at the end of one year? Did it include more than four zeros?

Strange Maps, the blog with the wonderful maps that I discovered via Swar, has had more than 5 million hits in the last one year.

I don't know whether to go into deep depression, push up the numbers there some more or just stay on my blog and keep a sharp eye on the numbers.

I think I'll get a (real) life instead. Now that might be a strange map to include in the atlas.


km said...

On the other hand, Strange Maps will never EVER have a hash-induced haircut.

It all evens out, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

They don't even have to do much work for it - a lot of the maps seem to be sent in by readers.

On the other hand, I'm surprised they are not trying to put in adsense or make any money..

I second km though. Not only will they never have hash-induced haircuts, but they can also never publish the strange map of the primordial slime pit ;)

Banno said...

Whoa. Maybe they have jacked up the meter, like the taxi walas and the rickshaw walas.

Space Bar said...

km; heh. imiagine if they did, though.

lekhni: still. it's great stuff, no?

banno: i wish. but how to do that?!

dipali said...

How many of them are loyal readers, Space Bar, I wonder!

Which Main? What Cross? said...

I'm a regular reader of Strange Maps and it's good time pass, if you like strange maps. However the hits are because of the search results, they have maps on so many places and subjects that search engines are going to list them. In fact, that was how I landed up there. I searched for something and this was a strange maps was an unrelated link.

And is 5 million such a big number?

Which Main? What Cross? said...

I read your blog on Gooogle Reader. I've bookmarked you. So I don't think I'm contributing to your hit counter! Except if I decide to write a comment and open a new window.

Space Bar said...

dipali: a day ago i would have said, many; now it appears from what Which Main? What Cross? says that a lot of their hits are directed by google search. ha!

which main?what cross?: hey there. well, yes. wouldn't you call 5 mill a big number for 12 months?

yes, the other thing is all these bloglines/google reader bunches that keep our visits low. bah, i say!

you appeared to have changed your template since i visited last.