Thursday, February 14, 2008

Patience Agbabi: '69 BPM'

69 BPM

Patience Agbabi

My love’s at a delicate frequency

pulsing between lust and envy, seven

inches of raw vinyl emotion with

no gossamer/featherlite protection.

I listen to the foetal position

umbilically connecting with her

as she hits that top note twice in one bar.

My lover is a twelve digit number

a foreign tongue. Only I can fathom

its syncopated rhythm, postmodern

ménage à trois, she, me, BT. This is

the oral sexual revolution. Love

French kissing at 69 bpm.

The last dance in cheap yellow light. Over

and out. I couldn’t hear my heart beat, break.

Too much interference, too much distance.

From Transformatrix.


parotechnics said...

kitni badhiya poem!

Space Bar said...

paro: yes, no? and welcome!