Sunday, February 24, 2008

'more music about makeup'

The Mumpsimus is a man after my own heart. In his Obligatory Oscar Post he says:

...the Oscars are a ridiculous ritual and by my fascination with them. They are, as somebody (I don't remember who) once said, the Superbowl for gay people, and I have often dreamed of tailgating the ceremony whilst wearing my pink feather boa. (Or maybe Tayari Jones's coat. Except I think I somehow look like Rudy Giuliani in that picture.) And yet I also agree with a lot of what A.O. Scott said about them: "The Oscars themselves may be harmless fun, but the idea that they matter is as dangerous as it is ridiculous."

So I'm going to give up on matter for the moment, and instead indulge in harmless fun by offering unsolicited and utterly useless opinions on films I have seen and not seen.

I would love offer unsolicited advice and useless opinions - in fact that is all I do on this blog when I do do it (doesn't that sound like a silly song?). I realise, though that this year will forever have the distinction in my mind for being the Year In Which I Have Not Seen A Single Oscar Nominated Film.

I can't believe it myself. And it's true; I haven't. This is tragic.

So go read Mumpsimus. I have to say, though, that he hasn't, after all, aired any opinions on films he hasn't seen. Instead he's done what any right-minded person would do: rooted for the one film in any category that he has seen.

ps: he has nice things to say about Tony Leung Chiu-Wai in Lust, Caution. Ha!


km said...

I am like, all rooting for Cary Grant to win.

//watching it only for Jon Stewart, of course.

///DDL deserves the best actor.

///Om Shanti Om for Best Foreign Language. That ought to seriously eff up people's brains.

Space Bar said...

km: huh? oh, i don't know about jon stewart. he was too vanilla...

Abhinav said...

Congratulations on the poetry prize you won at the beginning of February.

P.S. Do you never put up even the most exhilarating of personal news on your blog?

Space Bar said...

Abhinav: Thanks. How did you find out, though?

Abhinav said...

Good Old Google. I searched your real name + blog and there you were. :P
Your blog though has been familiar to me for a longer time (courtesy Caferati), though until now I knew it's author as Space Bar. Ah, the guise of anonymity - the simplest and strongest of them all.

??! said...

you should do a post that goes "10 Things I Want to Say/Do to Person".

Actually, consider that tag. Just to pay you back. Muaaahhahahahahah.

Space Bar said...

abhinav: :D

??!: That's right. Encourage me to put up my private fantasies for public consumption.

??! said...

Oh go on. What are we there for, if not to laugh at others' crazy antics and/or desires?