Wednesday, February 13, 2008

search and/or destroy

I've just realised that I haven't done the blogger thing and done a post about searches that bring people here. Mostly because they're boring searches, like image searches for raindrops or banyan trees (what's with people? Really!)

But right this moment (8.42 pm my time) someone from the Ivory Coast landed up here while looking for:

"doc"of grandpa's looking for little girls 2007 in yahoo and hotmail.

No, seriously. I shoulda been one of the three investigators or five findouters (and dog). Instead, I'm just baffled. I haven't the clue.


??! said...

that just sounds creepy. Brrrrrr.

dipali said...


km said...

Just wait till you have people googling for "hash hairstyle happiness"

Anonymous said...

If you want to visit my blog - try googling "Cooking Ravana on Diwali" ;) I am #1 (why? I don't want to know)

SUR NOTES said...

some poor soul did a google search on 'ma ki nabhi' and landed at my 'sanah ki ma ki navel gazing'.

not sure if i am grossed out or what.

Space Bar said...

??!/dipali: you find it creepy? why?! i just found it mildly weird.

km: :D i'm waiting, i'm waiting. so far, all they've searched for is"one is not born, one becomes a woman'. sigh.

lekhni: i'm going to do that search right now. how did you cook him, by the way?

sur: heh! now that's worth a post. go to it!

dipali said...

Sounds creepy to me.