Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Facebook style update on my life

Just watched Quantum of Solace. This means that I will have to do that Bond-Smiley post after all, no? (Or maybe I need to read more Ian Fleming first.)

But Daniel Craig is so hot! I mean, I didn't see Casino Royale on the large screen (DVD); before that I saw him in Enduring Love (don't bother); today I saw him on a soul-satisfying Imax screen. And when I think it almost didn't happen it makes me shudder.

Oh, and the kid saw his first Bond film. I thought I'd bring him up to speed with the franchise and whispered rather hurriedly to him that the car in the tunnel (the one I happened to be pointing to at the time I started to speak) was an Aston Martin and Bond always drove one. 'It's an Alfa Romeo,' he said and I thought to myself, ha! At last the kid's got a car wrong.

Turned out he was right: the next second the Italian cops barked car identifications into their phones or whatever, and I distinctly heard them say Alfa Romeo.



km said...

But what was most disconcerting was the lack of female hotness.

I thought the deconstruction of Bond's drink was sly.

Space Bar said...

km: yes, but that's hardly likely to bother me. i had enough eye candy to keep me going without the popcorn and coke.

yeah. that was good, wasn't it. what wasn't was the bond song. total nonsense it was.

Arfi said...

Ah! Alfa Romeo. In another life I would just buy the car for its name - it's the best named car ever. Trust the Italians to sell things solely based on word play.

Yet to see the Bond film but I am rather partial to Bourne these days.

Space Bar said...

arfi: i know, right! i mean, i could say lancia all day long.

and this is close enough to a bourne as to make no difference. go see.

wv: dicolla

Fëanor said...

The Alfa Romeos were the Italians chasing Bond's Aston Martin. Or am I wrong?

Space Bar said...

feanor: ya, they were.

parotechnics said...

having not seen it, still I ask - am I the only person in the world who thinks Bond should be played by Clive Owens?? Or is that kind of Catholic darkness not appreciated in this character?