Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai again

Just heard. Wasn't on the net or watching the news last night. As I write this, the Taj is still burning; three ATS officers have been killed, more than 70 civilians, five terrorists; 15 foreign nationals taken hostage.

I don't know what to say just now. I hope everyone's safe.

More soon.


1. The numbers keep changing. It's pointless to keep track of them just now.

I wish NDTV would stop showing what the armed forces are doing. Do the people inside not have TV they can watch?

Schools, colleges and the stock market closed today. I'm glad nobody's going on about the spirit of Bombay.

2. Twitter.

3. Just a pointer to an old post, since I have nothing new to say this time around. I needed reminding.


km said...

The TV coverage is excessive, repetitive and scary. Not good.

Space Bar said...

yes, i suppose it is. what's worse is that many channels don't tell you some of the footage is not live. like the gunshots one being played over and over on ndtv; the opening montages of every half-hour news bulletin. it's sickening.

Falstaff said...

"I'm glad nobody's going on about the spirit of Bombay."

You spoke too soon. The second half of the Lede coverage is awash with the Tweedledum and Tweedledee team of Anand Giridharadas and Suketu Mehta.

Space Bar said...

falsie: so i see. that's the closing bit of the book, much-quoted and very handy just now.

but nobody who actually lives in mumbai is making these noises this time.

parotechnics said...

you obviously didn't watch the business channels - they were full of - Bombay must show it's usual resilience etc. So we know whom the spirit of the city suits anyway. Just so depressing all of everything

Space Bar said...

paro: sigh. did they? i'm glad i stopped watching the news a while ago. disaster porn.