Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The recording

This was recorded before it was properly edited for levels and such-like. I should have edited out the dead spaces but I haven't, mainly because there's too much else to do urgently and I can't be bothered. Also, I suppose one ought to hear what the broadcast was (mostly) like.

So please forgive the long pauses between poems, the drivel with which I sometimes preface them or segments and the weird way in which I seem to have elongated every vowel like a kid stringing out chewing gum.

(You mean you can tell I don't like hearing my own voice? And now, before I have second thoughts....)

Huge thanks to Rahul, Falstaff and BM for helping me sort h\out how to get audio on my blog..


Ritu said...

Lovely poems and the recital is good. Listening to an author recite his/her poetry creates more of an impact that reading. I enjoyed it

Anonymous said...

Very nice!


Rahul Siddharthan said...

Yes, hearing is nicer than reading. The spaces and commentaries are fine for first hearing and add spontaneity and all (repeated listening would be another matter). I see what you mean about elongated vowels -- makes you sound vaguely bong.

swar said...

I jumped directly to the audio without reading your post and wondered whether you were following AIR instructions and stretching your words!

"people fade away from where they were born/and reappear in faraway places/ and the other city imagines it catches, from across its shrinking lakes, a whiff of formaldehyde/ from its dying twin." WUNDERBAR!

swar said...

and the bar should have been PINK, not black.

Space Bar said...

ritu, ano: Thanks.

Rahul: I know what you mean about first hearing. In fact I'm going to take this off tomorrow. And you're the first person to say this bong thing. there must be something in it.

swar: and to think i coulda fit in another poem if i hadn't slomo'd it like this. gah.

and i wish!

??! said...


Well done and all (although, as I've mentioned numerous times before, I prefer reading poems to hearing them).

Now, can we get cracking on that video-about-poems idea?

Space Bar said...

??!: say it ain't so! (though you're probably right).

and you're kidding, right?

??! said...

Well, serious isn't perhaps the right word. Intense? Zen? I'm not sure.

Kidding about what? The video? Oh come on! It'll be fun (this is the one where you jump out at unsuspecting people and start spouting stuff)

km said...

Great job, space bar!

//"vaguely bong" - I second that :)

blackmamba said...

good stuff!

wow, AIR has programming like this?

I liked the commentary and pauses etc. gives it a very "live reading" kind of feel.