Friday, November 21, 2008

Themes & Results & Nyela Saeed

Gmail now has themes. After Voice/video/whatever. Sucker that I am, I checked it out and chose Tree. Turns out it's one of those themes where you have to give exact location, so the theme changes with the day. This I like. My tree started out as one of those lone but bright green landmarks against a pale blue sky but is now half-hidden in the mist. (I wonder how often they check to change? Because right this second the sun has risen over other trees outside my window and I've had to get up and draw the curtains so I don't get it in the eye. The white portions of my curtain are now pale gold.)

I can see myself logging on now to not only check mail but also to check the state of my tree. Not good. Not good.

Dammit. Do these guys even know where Hyderabad is? It's raining in my mailbox and there are dark grey puffs of cloud where the chat list is. Outside my window the birds are chirping and the sun is shining. Wtf?!


Caferati's Livejournal Conest results are out. Check them - and the stories - out.


For those of you who will be in Bombay next week, do check out Nyela Saeed's exhibition, Naissance. I have seen a few of her paintings and I really liked them. There's something both discomforting and exciting in the way forms jostle and squeeze and replicate themselves in her paintings.

Of course, it's easy to say now. When someone asks you what they think and they're waiting for your answer, as Nyela was when I was standing in her studio a year or so ago, you become - or at least I do - tongue-tied. I looked at a painting for inspiration. How do you, after all, express in verbal terms what is both visual and spatial? The painting in front of me, dark green and black, appeared almost foetal to me, something waiting to be born but temporarily held in a tension that was part confinement and part potential. I told her some of this, somewhat differently.

What she said startled me; and I'm not going to say what she said, because it might just stand in the way of the paintings themselves, which you should totally see if you're in Bombay between the 26th and the 29th of November. They're on at Kitab Mahal (192, DN Road, 4th Floor, Fort, Mumbai-400001).


swar said...

I have NINJA on. But it is not weather sensitive. Maybe I should write to Gmail - make Ninja rain, thunder, shine, snow...

The only thing I remember vividly of Nyela is her hair. She had long midnight hair when she came for my play. No, I don't know her personally.

Tabula Rasa said...

i'd say they do indeed know where hyderabad is. they're probably *in* hyderabad. only, there's no window in their basement (and the fluorescent lighting is driving them crazy, so have a heart).

km said...

Seconding that google time-sucky thing. I got the Tea garden theme and now I'm hooked.

Space Bar said...

Swar: ninja, huh? why didn't i see that?

tr: *slaps forehead* now why had I forgotten that?

km: i know! y'day i called everyone to witness the lightning in my mailbox. they thought i'd lost it.

Lekhni said...

I had "Mountains" for a few days, but I have switched to "Desk" now. Much more satisfying to pretend I am actually working when I am actually time-wasting, mail-reading :)