Sunday, November 09, 2008

On All India Radio

Update: The programme goes on air at 9.30pm tonight. AIR Hyderabad 'A', 738 KHz.

Should be able to upload audio in a couple of days.

(but I HATE the way I sound. Gah. Unlikely to upload. May. May not. This is a tantrum. Kindly ignore.)

Hear ye Hear ye!

I've been invited to read my poems for fifteen minutes on All India Radio. I go to the studio tomorrow and the programme will be aired (ha ha! how old jokes are lovely!) later that evening.

Details, frequencies etc later. Watch this space.


(that radiogram is almost exactly like the one we used to have when I was growing up. Except ours used to havean extra space for LPs.*siiigh*


swar said...

Will this be available on AIR's website?

And when on tee-vee?!

Tabula Rasa said...

this is ole india raydio. yeh akashvani hai.

question: what sound does a space bar make?

Space Bar said...

swar: i feel incredibly stupid because i forgot to ask what programme, when and which station of AIR. will let you know all tomorrow.

And they have progs available on their website?! wow!

tr: heh! i wonder if this *is* akashavani hyderabad kendram?

ans: if you do it continuously then it sounds like an 'ok, ok, ok, ok, ok.' i can see i am going to have plenty to do in the next half hour or so, figuring out different things the long key could say to me.

km said...

And this is why radio always trumps TV. Congratulations!

I suppose we don't get mp3 or streams of this recording?

//We used to call them "radiograms"? Wow. And those things were HUGE!

word verification: "saree"

Banno said...

Good, good. Will tune in, hopefully will get the station here.

kuffir said...

yes, the radiogram brings back memories. i still have the cabinet from our old set (the radio and record player were stolen, ages ago).

you must be on yuva vani i think..around 5-6ish, if they still have that slot. please post an update on that.

parotechnics said...

somehow this seems ultiimately cool - like being invited to your favourite english teacher's house for dinner

Rahul Siddharthan said...

So that's not your radiogram? I'm having a nostalgia moment for a related reason: I picked up a turntable a week ago in the US (a cheap portable thing meant for DJs) and just picked up a pile of LPs from my parents that hadn't been played for over 15 years. Some were children's LPs that I first heard when I was 2, and today my son heard them at the same age. (I plan to transfer them to hard-disk + CD: that's my multi-week project. Will blog-post after my first attempt. Also, anyone in Chennai with a collection of interesting LPs without a player, feel free to contact me.)

vjmarur said...

some palatable stuff on AIR after a long while...congrats. atta gal!

Space Bar said...

km: I'm trying. That is to say, I've asked if I could have a copy of the recording but if they do all these ahandouts to everyone who features on their prog they'll have a secondary industry right there.

radio rocks, though, doesn't it?

banno: is that possible?!

kuffir: yuva vani?! heh! yes, will post update in a while (as soon as it's appropriate to call).

paro: i know what you mean. i am now full of trepidation. What if i do something stupid? i'll never get invited back again.

rahul: you have now triggered more nostalgias which requires further posts. but how lovely! waiting for posts and project to take off.

viju: tune in! unless you're going to be at R's play this evening (in which case you can listen to this as you drive or something).

Rahul Siddharthan said...

sb - And let me add my request to recordings and stuff if possible, since I don't suppose it will be on the air over here (and I don't remember if I have a working AM radio -- the car has FM though).

Sheetal said...

Oh, nice.
My first ever money (Rs 75) came from AIR - a small 'youth' group discussion on religion. I wonder if you'll record in the very same room.

Smoke Screen said...

Oh! Looks like I tuned in too late...

Space Bar said...

rahul: MW, not FM. recording withme. will upload.

sheetal: which one was it, then? i was in studio 1. :D

smoke screen: no, no! it's tonight. there's still time!