Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Pax Americana

Or why we watch this US Election as if it were our own.

All the news you can use. (Thanks TR)

I, of course, am not nearly as sanguine as everybody seems to be about Obama. Cautious optimism is the phrase. Hoping for the best while expecting the worst and all that.

Fun Moment: When John Bolton sputtered with indignation and recommended that the BBC sack their reporter in Colorado, Rajesh Mirchandani. Mirchandani had a happy two minutes marvelling at the happy face that the Colorado Republican State Chairman was putting on things.


Chevalier said...

Thank you...almost everyone on my blogroll seems to have gone all O-maniacal, even being a blue-blooded Dem I can't stand the drool shed on his behalf.

Actually, maybe I just cant stand the constant trashing of Palin as 'stupid' and 'ignorant'. Latter, yes. Former, no.

km said...

One drink per electoral vote. *That's* how some of us roll :D

Space Bar said...

Chevalier: well, I am firmly in the Obama camp. And I do think Palin is both stupid and ignorant (one can be clever and stupid, after all). I was only expecting that it wouldn't be such a love-fest when it came to the voting. I am happy to be proved wrong, however.

km: How many votes before you pass out?

km said...

space bar: Exit polls indicate that by 220 votes, we will all be fully baked.

km said...

It's Bolton's mustache.

Space Bar said...

km: congratulations. good job with your first vote!

Lekhni said...

You are right, I don't understand why everyone in India is jumping with joy for Obama.

From India's perspective - he is against outsourcing, against more H1 B visas, not so good on free trade either.

So what gives?

Space Bar said...

Lekhni: I suspect those of us in India who are happy he won are not thinking of H1B visas or free trade.

I think it's more to do with the thought of having witnessed a historic moment (though it sounds like a rhetorical flourish, given the history of the US, it is quite an achievement - one that not only Americans should acknowledge).

Also I think it would be wrong to underestimate the impact Obama's campaign ha had on the world. If anything, what worries me is that such expectation can only lead to disappointment - that's where my cautious optimism comes in.

Tabula Rasa said...

hey, you're welcome! glad to be able to spread the word.

wv: proses (no kidding!)