Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Custom Stale

You know that old I Am The Walrus inspiration? The one that goes Yellow matter custard, green slop pie/All mixed together with a dead dog's eye/Slap it on a butty ten foot thick/And wash it all down with a cup of cold sick?

Well, last night's dinner was like that. What you do, after you've had a superlative meal of pongal and twenty other things - the kind of meal, in effect, that no one except insane bloggers would decline - is this:

Take a large (very large) vessel. Pour in the remains of the kozhambu (made with seven different vegetables in it) followed by the rest of the meal barring only the rice, the curd, the fried papad and the pongal, and place it on the gas. Heat on a low flame for half an hour or so. Eat for dinner.

What it looks like actually defies description so I think I'll leave it to your imagination.


km said...

To me, that's the fundamental difference between Indian cooking (about which I know little) and "western" cooking (about which I know even less): it does not have to look good to taste good.

Space Bar said...

km: oh, of course - it tasted all right. and it happens year after year, so i ought to be used to it by now, but...