Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sank or Set Things I Know About Her

I've been tagged. According to Lekhni, this is supposed to be an easy one. Ha! What's easy about trawling through the archives and being made to choose one post over another. Go read 'em all, I say! You don't be lazy so I can be.

Sigh. Here goes. These are the rules:

Post 5 links to 5 of your previously written posts. The posts have to relate to the 5 key words given (family, friend, yourself, your love, anything you like). Tag 5 other friends to do this meme. Try to tag at least 2 new acquaintances (if not, your current blog buddies will do) so that you get to know them each a little bit better.

(Cut paste this when you're tagged, so you don't have to, you know, make it up as you go along and play chinese whispers with the tag. And everyone cheats with the number of posts, so don't let it worry you.)

Family: When my grandfather died.

Friends: I've just realised I don't do friends often. I quote people without their permission, yes, but I rarely talk about them. I mean, what if they've been downgraded to acquaintance? Would I still want to talk about - or even to - them? Clearly, I do. Of course, I like it better when friends do things for me. That's what friends are for: stealing stuff and being ready to take the fall.

Me? I just want to disappear, you know. Leave no traces.

What's the next one? Oh, yes: My Love. how? The love of my life? Person? Passion? What I love? I love Rafael Sabatini. The colour pink. (hell, I'd make the word itself pink if I could but they have some ridiculous excuses for the colour). I love hanging around and doing nothing, just watching the wheels.

Like (why are Hate and Adore treated like step sisters? I demand we expand the tag.) What a lukewarm word. What do I like? Watching films? Can one merely like watching cinema? God knows. Haneke. Kiarostami. The way what's memorable is often just a fleeting moment. Lizards.

Phew. That's enough, no? Now to get all sadistic.

Here are the people I tag:

Veena (who is going to find everything easy. She'll just have to find one Scenes from a Marriage post and it will have everything in it.)

Black Mamba (who'd better spill some deep dark secrets before she turns up here!)

Falstaff (I have visions of him trawling through his 700 odd posts to find the right ones for the tag. All this when he's busy.)

! (No recipes. Not unless they involve humans you love. Oh, all right. Like will do. Oh - and about throwing prizes your way: will tags do?)

Cheshire Cat (this one is such a long shot, I couldn't resist. Most likely he won't do it at all. If he does, it will be so cryptic it will be a pleasure to read. And once that's done, there's no saying it will stay put on the blog.)


Falstaff said...

Aargh! And it's not 700-something posts, it's actually 908.

Can I just write a post about a family friend I'm in love with and what I'd like to do to her / him?

Space Bar said...

not unless you've already done the post and can now link to it. ha! (though if you have, i'd love to see it!)

??! said...

naahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin !

(...and that's all I have to say about that)

blackmamba said...

the spilling has happened.

now now, falstaff, I am sure you have a neat little spreadsheet that would sort all these posts in a jiffy.

Space Bar said...

??!: so long as that's all you have to say about it on this blog!

BM: I saw. :D

??! said...

Done, done, done.

km said...

I don't "bi" Falstaff's confessions till I see it on his blog. Ha ha, that's clever.

Cheshire Cat said...

You love Sabatini but only like Kiarostami?? Please say it isn't so. I still remember "ABC Africa" as the most notable case of unrequited feelings I've ever had. It was love at first viewing. For several days and nights I could think of nothing else. But I ended up not doing anything about it - it was so far out of my league. Plus there don't seem to be any well-established procedures for dating a movie... Elusive creatures they are: evoke a fantasy, then disappear.

I haven't seen it again, that would be too painful.

Space Bar said...

??!: good good.

km: sheesh!

cat: actually, i only love scaramouche. i don't even care that much for other sabatinis. and well...didn't i say i hate the word 'like'? and i haven't yet see the africa film.

here's another list: i love chris doyle, tsai ming liang, tony leung chiu-wai.

Anonymous said...

I can see you are spreading the love around :P

I realize it can't be as easy or as much as fun as I had - I only had to trawl through 30 odd posts. (Falstaff, are you turning green, or red?)

But thanks for doing the tag so promptly. I did go back and read the posts you linked to, and now I see I do have to trawl this blog a lot more :)

And now excuse me, I want to see what Black Mamba has to say :)