Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Daemon Achaean

Via Jai, I land up at The Golden Compass website, where they do 20 questions for you to find out what your daemon is.

Mine, nicely named though it is, turns out to be a rabbit. Or a hare, depending on how charitable you're feeling.

I protest. I want to be something more breathtaking, majestic and romantic. I want a Heathcliff equivalent (my daemon must be a male, according to the rules.); not some waffling, timid creature always fishing out ineffectual watches from its waistcoat.

Here's your chance to rectify this iniquity. Go here and some questions and change my daemon for me, pretty please.

(I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel for posts here, aren't I? What will I post next? Quizzila personality tests based on what drink someone likes best? Bah.)


Falstaff said...

Hah! eat your heart out - my Daemon is Arphenia - a snow leopard. So there.

If it's any consolation, I think this quiz thing is all screwy. I answered all the questions as honestly as I could and it still came away with the impression that I was "Modest, solitary, assertive, shy and humble". Me!

Space Bar said...


why do i know you're not up for having others change it for you in the next few days?

and whoever went and changed mine to a black cat, many thanks. i'd rather be a familiar than a fluffball.

Jabberwock said...

Solitary and assertive - that's you all right, Falsie. Don't know about the modest and humble though.

Btw, the snow leopard is Lord Asriel's daemon and the hare is the Texan aeronaut Lee Scoresby's. The aeronaut and his daemon both speak in a southern accent, which makes their scenes difficult to follow if you're hard of hare-ing. (You may groan.)

Szerelem said...

this is so hilarious... I was so excited to tell you that my daemon is a snow leapord! Bah falstaff you stole my thunder!! :( mine is called Albus (I immediately thought "ah, like Dumbledore!)

Space Bar said...

Jai: Actually, I'm convinced Falstaff's daemon's spot on; you're forgetting Day Falstaff and Night Falstaff. Somewhere there must be space for humble.

And if anything were needed to confirm that a hare is wrong - all wrong - for me, it's the southern accent. Now I have to go drown my sorrows in bourbon or some other rot-gut?

Szerelem: See Jai's comment; you're Lord Asriel himself. (please don't ask who Lord Asriel is! Just think of him as Lord Dumbledore.)

Falstaff said...

SB: Nah, neither Day nor Night Falstaff is modest or humble (though I suppose at a pinch you could call Day Falstaff shy) - though each thinks the other ought to be.

And I think the drink you're looking for is a mint julep.

Space Bar said...

Falstaff: Mint julep? I would die rather. Or turn teetotal.

Oh, look! I've turned into an otter! (Are these guys confusing Pullman with Rowling by and chance? Isn't an otter Hermione's patronus? [It is. I was just being rhetorical])

Anonymous said...

The switch to otter was me up to some mischief :P
Looks very cute no? And otters are very intelligent too..

Space Bar said...

Lekhni: Thanks! It's much better than hare.