Thursday, January 24, 2008

'I Pity The Garden'

This is pure masochism. Or perhaps not. Imagination makes big ogres of small events.
'I Pity The Garden'.


SUR NOTES said...

do you have to twist the knives in our hearts too?

here we are, sitting far away, we do not hear the tree fall...

and you ply us with violent photos on an unsuspecting dull thursday

that g standing in the corner? alreadylooks like a little man .

Space Bar said...

Sur: Suffer, and the world suffers with you. Laugh and you laugh alone (and long. and last). Old Concerete Jungle Saying.

No, it isn't. G's in the previous garden post, the last one. This kid belongs to the woman in the light blue sari.

dipali said...

If sharing makes the heart ache better.....yes, my heart aches too(:
But just think, anything is better than having toilets and gutters backing up on you. Sad that the poor garden had to go. But I'm sure you will end up with something very very creative and beautiful.

Banno said...

pity, pity

km said...

So, according to Sur Notes' second sentence, if a tree were to fall in a garden and there was no one around, it would NOT make a sound?

I got to read me my books again.