Thursday, January 03, 2008

The 2nd Hyderabad International Film Festival

Starts tomorrow. Schedule can be downloaded from here (Films and Schedules).

I won't be watching anything this year. In any case, barring only the Im Kwon-taek package there's nothing especially interesting.

But for those of you who intend to go, just remember that the films seem to be mostly at Prasads and Amravathi in Lakdi-ka-Pul, right next to Global Hospital. Parking will be a bitch and god knows what the screen, projection and sound will be like. Not that Prasad's is much better; when they're not working hard towards piercing your eardrum, they're turning off the projection before the titles have run.

Praba, if you're going to be here, please mail me.


kuffir said...

thanks for this info..wasn't sure about the dates and all. might go watch a few films. can we still get passes?

Space Bar said...

kuffir: delegate registrationa nd passes available at sarathi studios ameerpet. lots of seats empty at theatres. sure you'll get a pass.

gangactor said...

hi space bar,
thanks for making HIFF part
of your blog.
keep shining
find me in you tube