Thursday, January 17, 2008

Best photo tag

Szerelem's Best Photo tag was impossible to resist but I have to admit, in sorrow, that I haven't taken that many good photos in the last year.

Luckily, there is this photo from the 10th flo
or of a friend's flat in Gurgaon. I'm including it because I realise that I hardly ever take wide shots of anything; most of my photographs have increasingly tended to be close-ups or details.

But my absolute favourite is from last year's Jaipur Lit Fest (gosh it's already been a year and I'm not going this year, bah!).

And I kind of like this one too.


Szerelem said...

LOVE the Jaipur Lit Fest picture...I remember it from the old post....the cats adorable too.

You should be taking more photos...

Space Bar said...

Szerelem: Yes, me too. And yes, I should. I have to admit, though that I'm still getting used to my Nikon Coolpix, where nothing much seems to be in my control. I miss my analog SLR but am too lazy to go to the lengths I would need to to put up those photos here.


dipali said...

Lovely pictures- and the beutiful cat! Post more, pliss.

km said...

OK, someone HAD to ask: what on earth is that second picture?

Space Bar said...

dipali: thanks! will need to dig out stuff - there's nothign worth the trouble, i assure you!

km: :D didn't the other post say? these two guys are waiters. they were taking a moment off in the tent outside the diggi palace hall, and i managed to get this before they got back to work.