Saturday, January 19, 2008

Liklasa's Adventures in Munchen

Also known to the readers of this blog as Swar.

Swar's been in Munich for a few months now, learning German, photographing first snow and murals, trainspotting and meditating on rubbish bins, poetry and graffiti.

From her latest post:

I say this is FANTASTIC. If this had happened in Munich where we are paying the tax right now, I would consider myself lucky. Think of it: 500.000 balls bobbing around you in technicolor. I will never forget that moment. Ask a child.

The balls should have been left at Piazza di Spagna for at least a day or two so that people in Rome could come, see and remember for themselves how it feels like to be standing in the middle of a colourful ball meadow. Excited? Dizzy? Frivolous? Do you want to stamp all over the balls? Do you want to scoop them up and squeeze them? All your bloody primal instincts will jump out of you. Just the sight of the balls rolling down the steps and scattering all over make me so full of glee.

Go! Shoo! I'm gathering my thoughts for deep and mournful posts.

Oh, and while you're at it, please check out the blog on her sidebar called Strange Maps. Gorgeous lovely. I adore maps, don't you? (Veena, this one is for you!)


km said...

"ve vant more balls!" - Om Puri, in "Bollywood Calling".

//southie filmmakers in the '80s were on to something.

Space Bar said...

km: :D remember arbit lines from Bollywood Calling?!

swar said...

what am i doin' here?! aiyyo.

km said...

sb: didn't I say something about me being smarter than the average 2-year old?

Space Bar said...

swar: :D it was the maps that did it. i had to bring you in.

km: did you? where?