Monday, January 07, 2008

Kala Ghoda Competitions Part 1

The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2008 has so far announced two competitions: The Short Film Competition and the Lantern Competition.

The Latern Competiton submission date is the 10th (sorry about the late announcement!) and the short film on the 26th.


Expect more announcements shortly. I'm going to be the town crier for a bit.

Update: The Open Mike Sessions and The Open Screen Sessions.


Did you know that moths make a sound? Neither did I. This morning, I found a giant moth near the front door. It had either got in the night before, or earlier in the morning when it was still dark out and warm inside, when I'd gone to unlock the gate.

I fetched a broom and gave it a soft whack to stun but not kill it. That was when it made a sound and made me jump out of my slippers. It was a cross between a mouse's squeak and a door creaking in the wind: not so long drawn out, but sawn off at the start.

That's how I knew that though I'd made gathering gestures with the broom, I'd still left it behind. I picked it up more carefully the second time, and felt through the broom how solid the moth was. it had weight...did you know? If it sat on a leaf, the leaf would bend under the weight.

The moth squeaked a little more and tried to move. I wonder if it will survive. What - apart from lizards - eats moths?


??! said...

Frogs. Spiders. Birds.

dipali said...

I rather like moths. They have a subtle, still quality to them, though they are rather foolish when it comes to naked flames. Never heard one squeak or emit any other sound yet:)
Will keep my ears open.

??! said...

Also toads.

Space Bar said...

??!: :D ok, i get the picture.

dipali: they do. try squeezing one in a broom. i also suspect they smell, but you probably have to ratchet 'squeeze' up to 'squash' for that.