Saturday, August 04, 2007


Sick as a dog. Or a horse. Whichever you prefer. The doc prescribed corex yesterday and I've either slept or watched in fascination as everything moved dreamily into place seconds after I moved my head. All keys on the board look like each other and I can pick and choose whihc I want. What is this tyrrany about spelling 'about' with a 'b'? I shall use 'n', which is just as good and right next door besides and anyway my finger seems drawn to it.

Or maybe I should sleep. I feel very sorry for myself.


SUR NOTES said...

anout is as compelling and as understandable as about. go on... play around with the key board's mind... and get well!

km said...

Oooh, legal high. Very nice.

*making a mental note to ask for Corex when I am in India*