Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Letter (Alt Take)

It began with this.

Falstaff's story here. Black Mamba's here. Anjoy (and contribute!)


“Don’t open it until I’ve left. Promise?”

She looks at me strangely but she promises.

She’ll open the letter tonight. I haven’t known her for long but I know her well enough.

When I see her again, I’ll know if she’s read the letter. I wonder how long it will take for her to figure it out? Wish I could see her face as she’s reading it.

As she reads one line and goes on to the next, finding that it makes no sense; that it doesn’t follow. Will she read it twice, three times? Will she shake the single sheet of paper in frustration? When will it occur to her to read a line and flip the page over to continue reading? And then again and again, until the page turns and turns in her hands.

I was never going to see her face as she read the letter. But tomorrow when we meet, she will grin – I’m sure of it – and very likely cuff me with that ridiculous pink and white bag she carries everywhere. I will look injured and ask why I’m being physically abused in this manner, and she will say, just.

That’s one letter you’re not going to tear up, lady.


SUR NOTES said...

what is going on??? you have me hooked by the skin of my teeth...no respite?

Space Bar said...

Sur: I love 'hooked by the skin of my teeth'. work it into a letter and post!

But no respite? from what?

SUR NOTES said...

no no, am not working anything into a letter. feel like saghir ahmed is waiting for the assignment!!!

no respite from the suspense of the letters? i am the audience,remember.

Space Bar said...

Sur: Saghir Ahmed is waiting, or you are?!

Real pity he never taught me. Showed him the script for my film, though, and he had several cutting (and interesting) things to say about it.