Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Word of the Day


As in, "It goes to the extent of preposterity so that we talk about it. And then we find our own ways to develop our country."

So what ya gotta do is, exaggerate the outcome and thus raise the dust; then using all the resultant air pollution, you rebuild your country out of not-so-thin-air. Writing histories of these brave deeds is what constitutes preposterity.

*What a lovely word it is. It combines the past in the 'pre', the future in the 'post' (though it recalls the past at the same time) and hankers for a time before posterity.


Cheshire Cat said...

Preposterity = time spent waiting for a blog post?

I subscribe to the theory that the more ambiguous a word, the lovelier it is...

Space Bar said...

Cat, in your case that is exactly what the word would mean.

And of course. Didn't I say I love the word?

Cheshire Cat said...

I know, I know... I've actually written part of it, but then got distracted by the third Alice book, which is almost as well done as the first two.