Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Last night was sultry and sleep was far away. Suddenly - and this was suddenly - a loud clap of thunder announced two hours of hard rain. My UPS set up a screech. Though I was half awake, I bumped into nearly everything there was trying to get it to stop.

In the morning, I discovered most of the lights blinking sleepily. They were dim to almost off, and nothing worked.

Hence my absence. Just back from watching Ratatouille with my son. More tomorrow.


SUR NOTES said...

did you fall off your chair laughing when they serve anton ego his ratatouille?

suniti said...

Amazing blog ! Lady, I am now your Pankha :D Will come here often.


Space Bar said...

sur: that was totally an awwww moment. :D

suniti: you've found me out! the cross-posted one? great to see you here, though!