Wednesday, August 08, 2007

spot the similarities

Edward Steichen, circa 1908 Portrait (thought to be of Charlotte Spaulding) autochrome photograph.

Gustave Klimt, 1905, Judith I (Salome)


km said...

Er..similarities between one photograph?

//Klimt rocks.

Space Bar said...

The other image wasn't visible, no? God knows what happened. Hope you can see it now, though. It's a Steichen photo and a Klimt oil.

blackmamba said...

ah good. It being this blog and all, I assumed the post was meant to have just one picture.

I heart Klimt. That said, (what seems like) Steichen's homage is much more appealing.

How deceptive art is, no? The symmetry in the photograph is just unreal. Loved that flower brooch.

Space Bar said...

What maligning is this?! You mean you didn't see the outline of a frame with a dinkly little red cross on the top left corner, indicating the absence of an image?

Steichen: yes, no? I was getting all nostalgic for early 20th C photography yesterday and was checking out lots of Steiglitz (Alfred, not Joseph, let me hasten to add), Man Ray, Imogen Cunningham and all.

And either I've forgotten what 'autochrome' means or I wasn't paying attention when we were told. What a fantastic effect, though.

Sur, Mukul, please tell me waht it is.