Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's not about the money

Waiting for the Fassbinder film to begin, I sneak a glance at the guy sitting two seats away from me. He has his laptop open and is doing stuff on it. His phone rings. He answers, continuing to tap away on his laptop.

'Achcha I got a mail from some _____, ' he says to the person at the other end. 'He said, cheque de. What cheque de? Means what?'

Some explanation forthcoming from the other end.

'Oh ho. Shah Rukh Khan, aa? Chek De!'

And to his friend sitting next to him, 'Film anta. Chek De. Punjabi.'

Enlightenment dawns.

PS: You'd really have to know how Telugu works for this to be funny.


km said...

And this guy came to watch a Fassbinder film? :)

//wish they had gone all Latin and titled the film "Chak Dei"...

SUR NOTES said...

chek de penjabi... thats my catch phrse for the week now!

but agree with km- he came to watch fassbinder? hyd is great. bangalore is great. film societies zindabaad.

Space Bar said...

KM/Sur: Indeed he did. Long live, as you say, film societies, Hyderabad and, Bengaluru.

KM: The mind boggles. What do you suppose the story would be like latinised?