Monday, August 06, 2007

The Mystery of the Pink Luggage Tag

I searched Technorati and discovered that the lastest link says, Pink Luggage Tag. Some shopping site, I deduce, very cleverly, but just to see what pink luggage tags they have on offer, I follow the link.

And I notice that the 'account has been suspended'. What could have happened? What was 'pink luggage tag' really code for? Who suspended the account? How can I (should I wish to) contact billing? What fraud was committed in my name?

This is all Veena's fault. While she's been paying undue attention to train timetables - a useless occupation if there ever was one, since everyone knows trains never run on time - someone has been messing around with that tag.

Suddenly I don't much fancy pink luggage tags. Cheshire Cat can have it with my compliments.


Veena said...

You think pondering over railway timetables is pointless? Is Luddo around? He shall have a "talk" with you and then we will see whether you still think the same.

No one is messing around with the pink luggage tag. Not even me. As far as I know, its on top of my bookshelf back in London. Why don't you and Cat decide who it should go to? Wait, oh no..BILL..what have you been doing with the pink luggage tag? Tell me right now.

Cheshire Cat said...

Well, if you don't want it, I don't want it either. The whole Bergman furore seems to have died down (if it ever existed).

Actually, I was wondering which one passed first, Antonioni or Bergman? This might be some discerning film critic's version of the ABC murders. A certain French nouvelle vague director should watch out.