Saturday, August 25, 2007

more blasts in Hyderabad

Just found out that there have been two bomb blasts in Hyderabad, one in Lumbini Park and the other in Gokul Chat shop.

It being a Saturday, one would have expected many people out in the Necklace Road area, where one blast took place. But it's been raining and that might have kept people away.

More as and when.

10.15 pm: 30 people or more dead. NDTV says

Hyderabad Police Commissioner Balwinder Singh said the toll at Lumbini Park, overlooking the picturesque Hussain Sagar lake, may go up as it was teeming with week-end crowd.

The police cordoned off the areas and sounded a red alert across the city and conducted searches at railway stations and bus depots.

Meanwhile, the BJP seizes the opportunity to put in a good word for POTA. Typical.

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