Wednesday, August 01, 2007

death day trivia

Kiran David, who is a walking-talking encyclopaedia of cinema (and who has the largest and best collection of films in the country barring only the film archives) texts to inform me that the last time two giants of world cinema passed away within hours of each other was in December 1977.

Charlie Chaplin, d. December 25 1977.

Howard Hawks, d. December 26 1977.

Anybody else got any inputs?


km said...

I got one! I got one!!

"Dhirubhai Desai" and "Oda Slobodskaya"

Leeetle midgety giants.

//I hit IMDB, clicked on "people who died on 30th July" and picked two names at random.

Jabberwock said...

One probably wouldn't describe Yul Brynner as a giant of world cinema, but he died on the same day as Orson Welles - October 10, 1985.

Also Robert Mitchum ("giant" status dubious) and James Stewart - July 1 and 2, 2003.

Milton Berle (a giant of television) died on the same day as Billy Wilder - March 27, 2002 - which was also the day Dudley Moore (a dwarf of world cinema?) died.

Will search for more. Wikipedia is fun!

SUR NOTES said...

dudley moore died ? oh!

Space Bar said...

km: :D random coincidenc doesn't cut it.

Jai: search search. talking about giants (or dwarves) reminds me about the jeffrey archer story where these two are so in love they are never apart for more than a few hours. and so, naturally, they die one after the other, and the guy leaves a suicide note to say he's solved some obscure crossword clue and has to tell her stat.

i know. barf inducing. puts bergman and anotonioni in prespective.

sur: yup, he did. why?

Vitro Nasu said...

I just added yours (Chaplin/Hawks) to my list.