Monday, August 06, 2007


Check out the new journal, Phalanx. M.K Raghavendra, the Founder-Editor, will shortly be in Hyderabad to discuss Nationalism, Cinema and the Freedom Struggle. Or some such related set of terms. He will be in conversation with Rakeysh Mehra but I hope we don't have to actually see Rang De Basanti before. (only kidding. I'd like to watch it before any such conversation takes place.)

But that's not what I was going to say. All this talk of poetry, and inadequately articulate reviewing reminded me about this conversation in Phalanx between poets Anjum Hasan and Vivek Narayanan. (Vivek did you send me a link?). Please read.


equivocal said...

Well, yes, ok, I didn't. After all, some things-- especially if they're a bit on the pedantic side-- are meant to be discovered... I mean, isn't that your job as a bloggess?

Space Bar said...

investigative bloggess. that makes me feel wonderful. like i've been gifted the riches of the indies or something.